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Siobhain McDonagh Gets Things Done For You

This leaflet was spotted by a volunteer in Mitcham and Morden
on Saturday, 17 Apr, 2010.

Published by Labour Party

We're faced with a very close election, and for the first time in many years, we do't know which party form the next government. That's why your vote will be so important this time.

This election is about choosing who you want to be your MP and what sort of government you want to look after your family for the next ice years.

In making your choice I am asking you to consider what I have achieved since I became the Member of Parliament for Mitcham and Morden in 1997, because I believe that in making a judgement about what someone promises to do in the future, you should look at what they have done in the the past.

I hope that by listing some of success they will help you to make your choice about voting for me as your next MP. And as the election campaign developer I'll keep you informed about my plans to make our area better.

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