Democracy Club

Tony Tomkins - Independent Erdington

This leaflet was spotted by a volunteer in Birmingham, Erdington
on Wednesday, 21 Apr, 2010.

I don’t know about you but I’m utterly fed up with the fact that most MP’s are just in it for themselves. The numerous broken promises and frequent political scandals are, quite frankly, pathetic. You really do get the impression that they are all as bad as each other and what we really need to do is throw the lot of them out and start again! A bit radical I know but here in Erdington you have a unique opportunity to elect me, a local businessman who is prepared to go to Parliament and put Erdington on the map. When I was a child we used to shop in Erdington – there was a department store and a whole array of decent shops. I appreciate that times move on but the High Street has a really rundown feeling about it and it needs to be improved. Again when I was a child, Erdington had 3 grammar schools which served local kids well – now it has none – why not?

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