Democracy Club

Pensioners Party for all ages

This leaflet was spotted by a volunteer in St Ives
on Sunday, 17 May, 2009.

Published by Pensioners Party

Everyone is or will be a pensioner. At last you can vote for a party committed to protecting your present and your future.

  • Free health and nursing care
  • Bringing UK pensions in line with Europe
  • Increased interest rates on savings
  • Rigorous controls on immigration and borders
  • Saving our hospitals and keeping them local
  • More police on streets to maintain law and order
  • Referandum on whether to stay in Europe
  • More investment in green technology
  • Improved public transport and minibus schemes
  • Keeping Post Offices open
  • Abolition of the means test
  • Stricter control on MP and MEP expenses

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