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Guy Voizey's online manifesto

This leaflet was spotted by a volunteer in Canterbury
on Friday, 23 Apr, 2010.

Published by Liberal Democrats

Guy Voizey's Personal Manifesto - A contract with the people of Canterbury and Whitstable 8.38.00pm BST (GMT +0100) Thu 22nd Apr 2010

I will be a new, strong voice for Canterbury and Whitstable.

I will always put local people first.

I will be open and honest about all expenses incurred in representing you and will not employ any members of my family.

Local action

I will fight for the introduction of a Whitstable Town Council to ensure decisions about Whitstable are taken locally.

I will vote to abolish the centralised planning process which is driving the ludicrous decision to build thousands of houses on farmland South of Canterbury. I want a system that encourages local people to help develop a vision for the future of our area.

I think local businesses, which source from local suppliers, are key to the success of our local economy. I want to protect the Post Office network which has been under attack from both the Conservatives and Labour.

I want to make our roads safer for all road users, including pedestrians and cyclists.

I will fight to keep our museums open and protect our local heritage so that the history of our area can be told to the generations to come

National action

I want a fairer tax system. People earning under £10,000 shouldn't pay tax. The benefits system needs to be reformed so people aren't worse off when they go back to work.

I want a fair chance for every child. I want smaller class sizes, especially in primary schools, so all children have the attention they need.

I want to abolish tuition fees for all first university degrees, whether taken on a full or part-time basis. A first university degree should be free irrespective of the age of the student.

I want a fair and greener future. We need to invest more in public transport, renewable energy and energy efficient homes.

I want a fair political system. We need to change the voting system so that all politicians are accountable and so that Parliament reflects the views of the people.

I will vote against plans to Replace Trident. I would use some of the £100,000,000 that would save to equip our armed forces properly. If our soldiers have to be sent to fight abroad we must give them the tools to do the job.

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