Democracy Club

A conservative minded independent - Dr Matrimuthu Velmurugan

This leaflet was spotted by a volunteer in Southend West
on Tuesday, 27 Apr, 2010.

A conservative minded independent.

Our corrupt parliamentarians. As I sit in my surgery and battle to treat my patients I am aware that certain treatments are not available because of the cost to the taxpayer. I have always believed the taxpayers' £ is sacrosant. It is not my money; it belongs to the community for which I work.

I am angry that our MPs think we should pay for them to have a second London home when thousands of us commute to London each day without such privileges (and we even pay their train fare as well).

I am angry that our MPs have been claiming for £100 per week on grocery bills even when Parliament is not sitting.

I am angry that MPs have been taking sponsored trips to exotic islands, asking questions in Parliament and then not declaring interests.

I am angry that our MPs appear to have no remorse, make no sincere apology and can arrogantly carry on as though nothing has happened, it's always someone else's fault.

Honesty and Integrity: Stop corrupt MPs

NHS: Stop privatisation

Re-nationalise: Rail, Post Office and Utilities

Justice: Respect and discipline; punishment that fits the crime, soft judges out

Immigration: Policies which reflect the needs of Britain today

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