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Lib Dem Distortion / Misinformation

This leaflet was spotted by a volunteer in Norwich South
on Thursday, 04 Jun, 2009.

Published by Liberal Democrats

This leaflet was issued in the final week of the Euro-election campaign, not allowing us time to respond. They quote General Election figures to claim that the Green Party don't have enough support outside Norwich to elect an MEP, but this is a different electoral system. We don't field candidates in all areas during General Elections so not everyone can vote Green in the East of England, but everyone can vote Green during a European election. So this information is distorted and insults the intelligence of the electorate, who the Lib Dems hope don't understand the electoral system properly. As it was, Green Party received 141,000 votes in the Euro-election in 2009, almost 6 times the amount quoted by the Lib Dems in their propaganda. We needed 10% of the vote to elect Dr Rupert Read, and got 9%. We were 15,000 votes short, and this discrepency is likely down to Lib Dem claims all over Eastern Region that we couldn't win, so vote Lib Dem to keep the Tories and UKIP out.

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