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Lib Dem Derby North Euro Letter - Lucy Care

This leaflet was spotted by a volunteer in Derby North
on Wednesday, 20 May, 2009.

Published by Liberal Democrats

Letter delivered with European Election Focus Leaflet via Royal Mail paid for delivery within election period.

It uses old boundry bar chart stats and shows completly incorrect percentage ratios. It also falsely claims that the 'Tories can't win! Everyone knows it's between the Lib Dems and Labour Here!' - this is incorrect in regard to the parlimentary contest, but also very misleading when delivered as part of the Euro elections in the East Midlands as this was via Royal Mail election period delivery. In the East Midlands Euro's the Lib Dems came 4th (12.9%), behind the Tories (26.4%), UKIP (26.1) & Labour (21%) in 2004.

The bar chart does not feature a source or reference.

The other highly misleading quote is, " please help Bill Newton Dunn AND ME win for local people by lending support to the Liberal Democrat team in the European elections". Care was not a candidate in the European elections!

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