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Suzy's Brecon News

This leaflet was spotted by a volunteer in Brecon and Radnorshire
on Wednesday, 10 Mar, 2010.

Published by Conservative and Unionist Party

Suzy Davies is campaigning in the Brecon area to encourage people to support their local independent shops and services such as butchers, post offices, greengrocers, banks, pubs and other family run businesses.

"Supermarkets are fine but we need our local shops and businesses too. To avoid individual enterprises being squeezed, I am saying to people, use them or lose them."

Brecon Job Club is a free drop-in support group offering menttoring and basic skills such as CV building, interview advice and job search ideas. Success in Brecon means Suzy is now expanding the idea to other towns.

Bigger state pension each year for all, paid for by an increase in the state pension age by one year.

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