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Katy Clark to fight against Tory threat

This leaflet was spotted by a volunteer in North Ayrshire and Arran
on Tuesday, 23 Mar, 2010.

Published by Labour Party

Four-page tabloid style "newspaper".

Page 1: States that Katy Clark is standing again and a vote for Labour would stop a Tory Government being elected. No mention of Labour policies, but mentions that she has voted against the party whip on: Trident's replacement, identity cards and the privatisation of public services (details not provided). The story is accompanied by a large picture of Katy Clark in case constituents don't know who she is.

Page 2: Katy is campaigning for concessionary fares on the Cumbrae and Arran ferries and is pictured beside a ferry.

Three briefs in the "Local news" column: North Ayrshire Council's leader calling on Scottish Govt to fund flood prevention in Garnock Valley; SNP Government included the proposed controversial coal power station at Hunterston in their National Planning Framework; SNP shelves Dalry By-pass

Katy Clark campaigning for a cleaner environment

Page 3: Katy is quoted as saying "We need real reform of the financial sector and the banks." No information as to whether or not she thinks the Government had done enough on this issue by the time the newsletter went to press (dated Spring 2010).

Katy also says public sector jobs should not be cut, more people are needing public services and these services need to be properly resourced. She says she is campaigning to stop cuts and defend local services. She says she is "fighting for more investment in Ayrshire." More funding for road network and to attract jobs.

Photo of Katy at a railway station.

Katy lists five pledges under the headline "My pledges to you": Fight for real jobs and investment in the constituency; Better transport links for Ayrshire and more opportunities for young people; Improving rights at work and better pensions; The elimination of poverty - an end to child poverty and redistribution of wealth; Defending public service.

Page 4: Help for pensioners - Labour introduced free bus passes, winter fuel allowance etc and has made a real difference to pensioners' lives. Labour will reintroduce the pension link with earnings. Katy wants a "big increase" in state pension and she has defended public sector pension schemes.

Page 4 includes a form to contact Katy, indicate voting intention, etc and....a photo of Katy.

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